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Naked Glowry

Naked Daily Duo

Naked Daily Duo

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Our CBD Infused Aloe + Honey foam cleanser paired with our Naked Glow butter! A simple two step starter routine to achieve or maintain your skin at its best.


1. Aloe + Honey Cleanser- Use twice a day, daily! Gently cleanses your skin, fights acne, prevents future break outs and ensure that no residue is left behind, without stripping your skin.

2. Naked Glow Butter- Apply twice a day, as a daily moisturizer! Helps even your skin tone, revives your complexion and treats skin conditions such as eczema, dry patches, psoriasis, etc.

CBD Inform:

Infused with CBD to help heal, nourish and moisturize your skin. CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-intoxicating component of marijuana or hemp plants.
The CBD infusion in our skin care products will NOT get you high, but is highly recommended for its many benefits.

+ 100% Natural

+ Cruelty Free

+ Handcrafted with Love, Peace and Good Energy!


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